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Carbon Yarn Packing


GH-250-1 Carbon with PTFE and graphite impregnated Packing (NA)

Construction: The packing is manufactured from pure carbon yarn, which is interlock braided and impregnated with PTFE and graphite particles which fill voids, block leakage, and act as a break-in lubricant. The end product has a low coefficient of friction and tends to wear more evenly than most braided packings.

Application: It handles water, steam, boiler feed, and aqueous solutions of acids and alkalis. In service, it seats quickly and does not require extensive break-in adjustments. It is commonly used for high speed pumps, blowers, dryers, high temperature valves, and furnace gasket.

Service Limits:


Pressure (Bar) 50 200 300
Temperature -200~450 (In Air)

-200~650 (In Steam)

Shaft Speed (m/s) 0~20
PH Range 0~14 (except strong oxidizers)

GH-250-2 GH-250-2 Carbon with PTFE impregnated Packing (NA)

Construction: This packing is an interlock braid of carbon fibers which are carefully impregnated with PTFE. The resulting packing is very tough, resists wear, has excellent chemical resistance and prevents contamination.

Application: The packing can handle chemicals over the entire 0-14 pH range except for strong oxidizers. It is very popular in the pulp and paper industry because it is especially designed for applications involving strong caustics, acids, bleaches, slurries, and services where contamination cannot be tolerated. GH-250-2  is commonly used in valves and pumps, agitators, reactors, and autoclaves.

Service Limits:


Pressure (Bar) 30 100 200
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